Lockdown Alert System

Installation of a Lockdown Alert System has been completed on all campuses across Comal ISD. You will see several blue push button stations throughout the campus, as well as blue lights on the ceiling, similar to what you have seen for the fire alarm systems.


Why a Lockdown system?

This equipment is part of the District’s initiative to continuously enhance the safety and security of all students and staff. The Lockdown system is a faster and easier way for campuses to go into Lockdown mode, meaning no one is allowed in or out of the campus, and all students and staff are secured in classrooms. This system can be used to notify the campus when it is necessary to go into Lockdown, simply by pushing one of the blue buttons located throughout the campus.


What happens when the Lockdown system is activated?

  • A local alarm will sound when the plastic case on the button is lifted, similar to what happens when a fire alarm pull station cover is lifted.
  • When the button is pushed, a recording will play over the campus PA system in both English and Spanish repeating “Attention, Lockdown! Locks, Lights, Out of Sight!” The blue strobe lights will also activate throughout the campus, and law enforcement will be contacted to respond.
  • Campus staff will initiate Lockdown procedures immediately following activation of the alert system just as they would if the announcement was made manually over the PA system by a staff member.

What the Lockdown system does not do.

The Lockdown Alert System will not manually lock doors throughout the campus; therefore, all Comal ISD Lockdown procedures must be followed by campus staff. This system only notifies that a Lockdown is needed from various points throughout the campus using the push buttons, strobe lights, and automated recording.


How will this new system be incorporated into Lockdown drills?

Drill procedures and expectations will be modified to ensure that the system is tested when Lockdown drills are conducted. As with fire drills, it is important to test all procedures that could be used to inform the campus that a specific emergency action is needed.