Payroll Services

Our Mission

The payroll department strives to compensate all employees in accordance with the terms and guidelines established by the Board of Trustees in a timely and accurate manner. It is our goal to ensure that deductions are made as instructed by the employee. Leave balances and timekeeping are also essential areas of this department. The payroll department is responsible for processing W-2 forms for all employees to comply with federal laws and regulations.

We strive to provide exceptional customer service to all employees.


Jennifer Hale  Director of Business Services 830-221-2625
Damon Sullivan Biweekly-Paraprofessional 830-221-2023
Linda Larson TRS Reporting & Substitutes 830-221-2052
Janice Sanders Monthly-Professional 830-221-2092
Monica Sandoval Biweekly/Monthly & Timeclock 830-221-2107
Kelly Young Accounting Specialist 830-221-2174
Kathryn G. Hanlon, CPA Director of Accounting 830-221-2021
Payroll Forms
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Internal Use Only