Student Transfer Information

ONLINE APPLICATION PROCESS NOW OPEN for the 2023-24 school year

Thank you for your interest in Comal ISD’s 2023-24 student transfer process.  Comal ISD is now accepting applications for students K-12 seeking to attend a Comal ISD campus that is open for transfers. The application will be available from Wednesday, Feb. 15, and ends Monday, May 15. Applications must be submitted within this timeframe.
Applications are only accepted online through the web-based application process.  A completed application must be submitted online to be considered for a student transfer.  Paper applications will not be accepted.  See the application section below.  

Contact Information Concerning Student Transfers:

For questions or assistance with the application process, contact Teresa Meckel or Armando Maese.

Teresa Meckel, Policy Services Specialist, (830) 221-2124, [email protected]

Armando Maese, Director for Policy Services, (830) 221-2086, [email protected]


Things you should know before submitting an application:
  • The student transfer application process is available for students in grade levels K-12.

  • The District shall consider the availability of space, instructional staff, related services staff, class size caps, program availability, district and campus policies and guidelines and the student's disciplinary history, attendance including tardies and academic performance and grade records.

  • A student that has received a discipline alternative education placement (DAEP/JJAEP) in the current school year in which he/she is attending or prior school year is not eligible for a student transfer.

  • Eligibility to participate in UIL activities may be affected with a student transfer.  Please check with UIL, the current UIL constitution and contest rules for status before completing a student transfer application.

  • New - Students who are currently attending a Comal ISD school on approved student transfer and wish to REMAIN in the current school/feeder pattern Will NOT need to complete an In-District or Out-of-District Student Transfer application. The approved 2022-23 student transfer will carry over into the 2023-24 school year. 

  • New - Students who are currently attending a Comal ISD school on an approved student transfer and wish to TRANSFER to a different school/feeder pattern MUST submit an In-District or Out-of-District Student Transfer application on-line for the new school year, 2023-2024, in order to be considered for a transfer to a different school/feeder pattern.

  • Transportation to and from school is not provided for transfer students. Parent/Guardian must provide transportation.

  • If approved for a student transfer and parent/legal guardian withdraws the student from a Comal ISD school at any point in time while on a student transfer, the approved student transfer will be immediately discontinued upon withdrawal.

  • If approved for a student transfer and parent/legal guardian decides not to enroll student at the approved campus, the student transfer will be discontinued for that school year. If at any point after discontinuation of the student transfer parent/legal guardian decides to seek a transfer, a new transfer application must be submitted during the application time period for consideration for a transfer.

How to Apply

To apply for a student transfer, please complete the application based on the student’s residence address.  If you have more than one student that is applying for a student transfer you will need to submit a separate application for each student.

In-District - If the student’s home address is in Comal ISD attendance boundaries please complete the following application:  Fill Out An In-District Transfer Request
Out-of-district - If the student does not live in Comal ISD attendance boundaries please complete the following application: Fill Out An Out Of District Transfer Request
Employees - Complete the application on Class Link