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Career & Technical Education

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Our mission is to provide all students with the skills needed to reach their career goal by offering the opportunity to achieve industry-based certifications and gain technical, high-level skills to be competitive in the global marketplace.
What is CTE?
Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs offer students challenging academic standards and relevant technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare them for further education and careers in current or emerging professions.  CTE delivers real-world options and skills to students for college and career goals while allowing them to explore career options and personal passions through authentic and rigorous learning.
  • CTE is associated with higher levels of student engagement and reduced rates of dropout.  In fact, the average high school graduation rate for CTE concentrators – student who take multiple courses in one CTE program area – is 94% compared to the national rate of 85%.
  • CTE high school students are college and career ready –  94% graduate high school and most enroll directly in college.

  • CTE is the answer to the nation’s projected deficit of 6.5 million skilled workers, including infrastructure, health care and manufacturing work-force shortages.

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