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Campus Visitors

In an effort to maintain the safety and security of all Comal ISD campuses, the district provides uniform procedures to both control access and manage visitors to our facilities. The following outlines the general procedures for entering our facilities.


Process for Visitors Entering a Comal ISD Campus

  • Signs will direct visitors to the main office area for check-in.
  • Upon entering one of our facilities, a visitor will enter a secure area (without direct access to the entire facility) that will allow for identification and authorization procedures to be conducted by staff.
  • Visitors will be asked to provide a valid, state/federal issued identification card, which will be scanned using our Raptor system, and to identify the purpose for their visit.
  • If the scan is negative and the visit meets school/site criteria, the visitor will be allowed appropriate access after receiving an appropriate visitor’s badge.
  • All visitors will be provided a name badge that must be worn and visible at all times while in the facility.
  • The visitor will be requested to return to the office to check out when their visit is completed to be logged out of the system. Each visitor will be asked to surrender the badge.


Comal ISD Employees Not Assigned to the Campus/Site

  • Comal ISD employees who have a District badge visible should be signed in and out without having to generate a Raptor visitor badge.
  • Comal ISD employees who do not have a badge visible will be required to scan their Driver’s License or ID Card into the Raptor system.
  • Comal ISD employees are requested to leave through the office to check out when their visit is completed.


Law Enforcement/Emergency Responders/Government Officials

  • Law enforcement and other first responders should bypass the sign-in process if responding to an emergency.
  • Law enforcement, first responders or other government personnel on official business should be asked to present their identification similar to other visitors. However, these visitors have an option to show their badge or state-issued identification and bypass Raptor screening.