CISD provides screening, assessment and programming for dyslexia and dyslexia-related disorders as outlined in the state dyslexia handbook. 

The Texas Education Agency has recently updated our state Dyslexia Handbook. These changes have been implemented within our district and are outlined and linked here both in English and Spanish. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding these changes. 


All kindergarten and first grade students are screened for dyslexia. First grade students are screened in January and kindergarten students are screened beginning in April.


A student may be evaluated through special education. This free evaluation is comprehensive in scope and includes assessments for dyslexia and related disorders in addition to other learning disabilities. 


Once an assessment/evaluation is completed, the  ARD team through special education or the general education 504 committee will determine eligibility and programming. 
To request an assessment or evaluation, please contact your child's teacher, school counselor, or school administrator.


If your child has been identified with dyslexia, a dyslexia related disorder, or as at risk for dyslexia, you have access to the Talking Book Program through Texas State Library.
If you have questions about dyslexia, please contact the District Director of Dyslexia at 830-221-2686.
Taylor Keller
Executive Director
Curriculum and Academic Support
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Krista Cone
Dyslexia and RtI
(830) 221-2129
Jennifer Luftop
Dyslexia and RtI 
(830) 221-2179
Niki Kotrola
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