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Leadership & Opportunities

We are excited to continue the “Every Student Connected” initiative which provides students with opportunities at every grade level from kindergarten through 12th grade. 

One of Comal ISD’s strategic priorities is to Embrace Choice. This initiative offers students a variety of choices when it comes to connecting with leadership opportunities through activities and organizations as well as learning new skills. Students involved in these enrichment opportunities show an increase in academic performance, attendance, scholarships, higher education acceptance, career opportunities and military readiness. 

Students who are connected and get involved in clubs, extra-curricular activities, intramurals, leadership organizations and more, often find their passions and their life’s ambitions. They not only learn skills that stay with them beyond the classroom, but they also make connections with other students, teachers and community members, who they may not have otherwise met.

Our goal is to have every student, that’s 100 percent of Comal ISD K-12th grade students, connected to at least one enrichment opportunity every year they are enrolled in Comal ISD. 

Find out how your students can get involved in “Every Student Connected” through your campus’ website below.