Questions regarding SACC:

Q: How much does the program cost?
A: For the 2021-2022 school year the  program costs $125.00 biweekly with a $50.00 registration fee. The summer all day care costs $170.00 per week with a $30.00 registration fee.
Q: What activities do children do during their time in SACC?
A: Our daily schedule varies at each campus, however, we do all participate in the following activities: homework time, academic enrichment, group games, arts and crafts, indoor/outdoor play, and snack time.
Q: How old does my child have to be in order to be enrolled in SACC?
A: A child must be five years of age and enrolled in kindergarten to enroll in SACC during the school year.  A child must be five years of age to enroll in our SACC summer program (an incoming kindergartner). 
Q: My child has been put on a waitlist for SACC, what should I expect? 
A: Our SACC registrar will call you a week in advance of when a spot becomes available at the school you registered for. We do not have a timeline on how long that might take as that is dependent on staffing as well as the number of children enrolled at that site. Due to the growth of our district, some of our schools are filling up fast. We recommend enrolling as soon as possible.
Q: If I register and pay for the program and then decide not to use the program, how much will I be refunded? 
A: If you withdraw before the week the tuition is owed, you will be refunded any weekly tuition payment remaining on your account less a $5.00 reimbursement fee. The program registration fee is non-refundable. 
Q: How do I withdraw from the SACC program?
A: Withdrawal must be made the week prior to the week you wish to have your child stop attending SACC. A withdrawal form is available on our website and must be submitted to our registrar. Please see the "Withdrawal Procedures" on the menu on the left for more details.
Q: On early release days, what time does SACC begin?
A: SACC does offer afterschool care on early release days as soon as the children are released from school.
Q: Is the program available on school holidays?
A: The program is closed on all CISD school holidays. 
Q: Do parents have to pay for full week holidays in which children do not go to school - Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, and Spring Break?
A: No, SACC does not charge for full week holidays in which kids also have a school holiday. 
Q: Does SACC offer autopay on credit cards?
A: In an effort to keep our operating costs down, currently we only offer autopay on bank accounts.
Q: Does SACC offer a Comal ISD employee discount?
A: Yes, the discount will not be in effect until employment is verified. Please make sure to identify Comal ISD and the school you work for as your employer on your SACC registration application. The parent is responsible for paying the full tuition until approved. The discount is not retroactive so if you don't see the discount on your account, please email the registrar to ask for the discount to be applied to your account. 
Q: Does SACC accept CCS funding for child care tuition costs?
A: Currently we do not accept CCS funding.