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Employment in Comal ISD


We Value our Employees!

In Comal Independent School District, you'll find highly qualified teachers, administrators and other support staff that work together everyday to ensure greatness in our students and team! We are a fast-growing and innovative district with more than 29,900 students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. Families are attracted to Comal ISD because of its family values, neighborhood schools and safe environments. 
We support our employees through our culture, sense of belonging, and family-like atmosphere. Comal ISD provides opportunities for advancement, professional development, flexibility, and great benefits. 
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Flexibility and Meaningful Work
We offer diverse opportunities for individuals seeking employment in a collaborative, teamwork-oriented environment.  
This guidebook will help you find a position that suits your interests, schedules, and abilities.
Comal ISD is proud to offer a variety of teaching positions at many of our campuses. If you are interested in a teaching position, you will need to have current Texas teaching certifications or pursuant certification through an alternate certification program, for the position to which you are applying. 
Paraprofessional positions are school professionals that are not certified educators.  Comal ISD hires many paraprofessionals with various qualifications in a variety of settings.  The paraprofessional roles in the district are a vital support role. The two main paraprofessional positions include:
Instructional Opportunities
  • General Educational Resource Aide
  • Special Education Resource Aide
  • Special Education Inclusion Aide
  • Pegasus (PK) Associate
  • 1:1 Special Education Aide
Clerical Opportunities
  • Student Attendance Clerk
  • Registrar
  • Senior Associate
  • Receptionist
  • Campus Bookkeeper
Child Nutrition roles include serving students in the cafeterias during breakfast or lunch, as well as administrative roles.
Comal ISD counselors ensure students receive mental health support and resources. Roles are on campus. 
This department is committed to maintaining a safe, clean, comfortable learning environment to help Comal ISD prepare classrooms and facilities
for learning.
Comal ISD's substitute teachers provide students with appropriate learning activities and experiences by following the plans and performing the duties of the teacher of record. Meet the instructional and safety needs of students. Enable students to develop competencies and skills to function successfully in society.
See yourself here

See Yourself Here in Comal ISD!

Rooted in history, building a legacy, and growing toward the future. New Braunfels, TX is growing and our district vision is Every Student. Every Day. Our families know they can find the best opportunities for their children here. We care about our employees and provide excellent benefits.

Our full time employee benefits include: 
  • Vacation days
  • PTO days
  • School calendar schedule 
  • Medical through Allegiance (Cigna)
  • Dental plan
  • Vision plan
  • Supplementary insurance plans
  • Professional development
  • Employee dicsounts
  • Events

Employee Benefits in Comal ISD

Comal ISD offers a number of medical insurance plans as well as dental, vision, and supplemental insurance plans. Benefits are available for all full-time, permanent employees. As an employee of Comal ISD, you are eligible for benefits on the 1st day of the month following your start date. You have 30 days to elect your benefits from that date. 

Comal ISD - An Ideal Location!

Comal ISD is mid-point between Austin and San Antonio, along the I35 corridor. The district extends west into the beautiful hill country. Our employees can access parks, rivers, and two major cities all within an hour distance.

New Braunfels and surrounding area provides a wide variety of activities including outdoor parks, live music, fun boutiques and antique stores, great restaurants, and lots of family activities! 

Greatness Comes from Our Employees!

Amy Columbe“In my 18 years of working at Comal ISD, I have been lucky to receive amazing education, guidance, and support that has shaped me into a dedicated Special Education teacher.  The students and staff that I work with always make each day in the classroom rewarding and fulfilling!”
Amy Coulombe
Special Education Teacher, Resource/Inclusion, Team Leader, FES

Kacey Noble“As a graduate of Comal ISD, I chose to return to this great district as an employee so that I could give back to the students I teach in the same dedicated and loving way that I felt as a student.  Comal ISD has also grown me professionally, from a paraprofessional to a classroom teacher, because even in adulthood, they saw potential in me to be a great educator.”
Kacey Noble, 2nd Grade Teacher, FES

Employment Support 

  • Professional learning opportunities designed for first-year teachers:
  • New-to-Comal-Launch
  • Simulation Days
  • District Mentor
  • Campus Mentor
  • New-to-Comal Meetups
  • Campus Events
  • District Trainings for first year teachers
Professional learning opportunities designed for new-to-district teachers:
  • New-to-Comal Launch
  • New-to-Comal Meetups
  • Campus Events
  • Campus Mentor
Comal ISD Campus Instructional Coaches improve student learning through multiple layers of support such as just-in-time professional development, student-centered coaching, and Collaborative Team Cycles (CTCs).  Every campus has at least one Campus Instructional Coach that partners with teachers to improve student learning. 
Our coach-teacher partnerships propel student and teacher learning by:
  • Providing support to teachers to allow teachers to meet campus expectations
  • Engaging teachers in coaching cycles to focus on continuous improvement
  • Prioritizing work that has the most potential to impact student learning
  • Coaching teachers and teams to implement high-quality instruction
  • Partnering with teachers in their classrooms to support the delivery of effective instruction
Supports paraprofessionals to become certified teachers. 
To learn more about the Professional Development offered here at Comal ISD, click below!

Join Us Here in Comal ISD and Get Ready for Greatness! 

Teacher Comal ISD
Our online application process can be found here.
Prior to applying for a role with CISD, prepare the following:
  • Teaching Certificate(s); if applicable
  • College Transcripts; if applicable
  • To/from dates of teaching and non-teaching experience, name and address of organization, name of supervisor and contact information
  • Name, job title, address, phone number for (3) three references