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Student Support Services

Comal ISD strives to ensure that our students have every opportunity to be successful in school, extra curricular activities and prepare for life after graduation.
The Student Support Services Department is designed to meet the social emotional needs of our students. Through various initiatives, we are creating opportunities for students to build empathy and resiliency skills.

Some of these initiatives are district led, some campus led and some student led. Our goal is to have our programs run by students with district support, parent support, and community support and involvement.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding any of our programs.
Below is the District Team who support all of our campuses. 
Genesis Sanchez, LMSW
District Support Specialist 
(830) 221-2650
Support for Pieper and Davenport Feeder Pattern 
Lacey Hisatake, LCSW 
District Support Specialist 
(830) 221- 2687
Support for Canyon Feeder Pattern 
Kimberly Coombs, LCSW
District Support Specialist 
(830) 221- 2033 
Support for Smithson Valley and Canyon Lake Feeder Pattern 
Monica Fernandez, LMSW
District Support Specialist 
McKinney- Vento, Foster Care & 
Pregnancy and Related Services Liaison 
Diane Quiroga, LPC
Student Support Coordinator
(830) 221-2633