Grant Applications

JULY 31 - OCTOBER 1, 2023
Decisions made October 16, SurPrize Patrol held October 30-31
DECEMBER 1, 2023 - JANUARY 31, 2024
Decisions made February 12, SurPrize Patrol held February 22-23
Through our mission to "Enrich. Expand. Excel." Comal Education Foundation offers grant opportunities to turn creative ideas into impactful and life-changing programs. Each year we look forward to awarding district employees who have the best innovative ideas that align with CEF’s mission and Comal ISD's collaborative vision in the areas of:
  • Innovative Learning - Resources, Methods and Program Initiatives
  • Blended Learning Technology
  • Military, Career, and College Readiness
  • Professional Learning and Team Based Leadership
Competitive Grants We Offer

Innovation Grant:  Up to $7,500 for innovative classroom or campus projects; may be for small classroom programs or larger scale programs across grade levels, department, campuses, and district-wide programs

Innovation - new, creative, original, leading-edge, modern, beyond the norm, advanced, inventive, pioneering, forefront, experimental, groundbreaking.

New Teacher Grant:  Up to $250 for certified teachers new to the profession; one time offer for instructional supplies/materials, books, digital subscriptions/apps, small furniture, etc.

Expertise Grant: Up to $1,000 for professional development; for staff and faculty to attend professional development courses and/or conferences, externships, etc. Grant offered for registration and substitute support. Travel, hotel and meal expenses not included. *Employees seeking to attend professional development opportunities as a group, may collaborate to submit one Expertise Grant application on behalf of all requestors. Registration fees and substitute support, if applicable, shall not exceed $5,000 for group applications. 


 Ideas favorable to WIN a grant feature projects that include:
  • Ideas that address multiple disciplines; cross curricular
  • Maximize the number of students impacted
  • Produce measurable outcomes
  • Have potential for project sustainability
  • Collaborate with other organizations (PTA and outside entities)
  • Showcase CEF's support by sharing the project with the community or parents (photos, newsletter articles, social media)
Grants are open to all Comal ISD employees to apply. Employees may submit only one application per person and therefore must vet/prioritize his or her own initiatives; however, the same person may apply for multiple types of grant (Innovation, Expertise, New Teacher) per grant cycle.
Comal U Grant Writing Session - Reflect.Refine.Repeat...REQUEST!
comal u
Course will provide a step-by-step approach for writing a competitive proposal. Key targets include
demonstrating standout innovation, collaborative programming, providing supporting evidence and data, documentation prep, budget templates, grant management, and evaluation strategies. 1.5 Hours


Applying is EASY! Submit online through the Comal ISD website! Supporting documentation is required to complete your application. The Grant Budget Template and Principal Approval Form, found below, must be completed and uploaded into the online application. 
Click the button for the grant you wish to apply. We look forward to reviewing your ideas. Thank you for applying!
New Teacher GrantInnovation Grant ApplicationExpertise Grant Application
Supporting Documentation - REQUIRED!