SBMS Eighth Graders Visit Holocaust Museum

Spring Branch Middle School 8th grade students had the opportunity to visit the Holocaust Museum in San Antonio on February 13 thanks to a grant awarded by The Comal Education Foundation.

The 200 students along with 12 adults listened to 87-year-old Holocaust survivor Annie Rado who shared her experience before, during and after her time in the Auschwitz concentration camp.  

Ms. Rado and her family were taken when she was 13, just a year older than most of the SBMS students. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as she told her story and how she found her way back home. Today Rado and her sister, who were separated for 13 years, are two of four survivors living in San Antonio.

Because of Comal Education Foundation’s generosity, these students experienced this life-changing event.  


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