Student Work Showcased in Fall Art Show

November 1, 2023 - More than 120 pieces of art were featured during Comal ISD’s Fall Art Show Tuesday, Oct. 24, at the Support Services building. Original artwork by students representing 12 campuses included oil pastels, watercolor, pencil sketches and sculptures.

Artwork by students from kinder through 12th grades were selected by their art teachers to be displayed at the district’s Fall Art Show. Parents and students were invited for a special presentation of the art pieces on Oct. 24. During the show, the artists were given medals as the teachers explained the different pieces. The district will host two additional art shows this school year, one in January and one in April featuring different campuses.

Canyon Lake High School senior Randie Selzer had two pieces in the Fall Show including “Generations,” a watercolor featuring portraits of her grandmother, mother and herself. Each portrait opens to reveal information about the person including hobbies, sports, the flower of her birth month and more.

Selzer explained that this piece is part of her advanced placement art class. She wanted to create something personal. Her other piece is also a portrait and was awarded a Tri-Color ribbon at the Comal County Fair’s Arts and Photography contest.

One of the more unique art pieces featured at the Fall Art Show was a portrait by Andrea Ramos, an 11th-grade student from CLHS. The portrait depicted her brother with vibrant colors using sand. Art teacher Nell Anderson explained that this was an example of how students can make art their own by using different materials.

The campuses along with their art teachers and students whose artwork was selected for the Fall Art Show are listed here.

Arlon Seay Elementary

  • Dorothy Runyen, art teacher; Kellie McGee, principal
  • Students: Rowyn Debner, kinder; Riley Bush, 2nd; Mila Murdock, 2nd; Harper Montgomery, 3rd; Grant Whitley, 3rd; Landyn Williams, 3rd; Aubrey Kennedy, 4th; Kayli Vidal Robles, 4th; Marielle Collie, 5th; and Cayson Long, 5th 

Bill Brown Elementary

  • Melanie Reel Chaffin, art teacher; Ashley Jackson, principal
  • Students: Nora Armendariz, 1st; Harper Born, 1st; Eli Hansen, 1st; Alana Perez, 1st; Royce Wyatt, 1st; Phoebe Villa, 1st; Katarina Hoffman, 2nd; Andrew Ashton, 3rd; Riley Kinser, 4th; and Juliet Rhymer, 4th 

Johnson Ranch Elementary

  • Christine Fox, art teacher; Suzie Seabolt, principal
  • Students: Charley Mae Fagg, kinder; Liam Molina, kinder; Caleb Torres, 2nd; Hayden Alvarez, 3rd; Savannah Clark, 3rd; Barrett Fry, 3rd; Deakon Karstedt, 4th; Olivia Valdez, 4th; Leo Padron, 5th; and Lila Zamudio, 5th

Mountain Valley Elementary

  • Taylor Murrow, art teacher; Andrea Patrick, principal
  • Students: Eliana Alfaro, 3rd; Colt Buchmann, 3rd; Emery Duncan, 3rd; Elijah Aronhalt, 4th; Cash Cameron, 4th; Mac Simoni, 4th; Fletcher Sousek, 4th; Keira Fitzpatrick, 5th; David Phillips, 5th; and Paisley Witt, 5th

Rahe Bulverde Elementary

  • Charis Taylor, art teacher; Sunshine Barker, principal
  • Students: Caroline Elms, kinder; Kylee Mills, 1st; Bryn Bennett, 2nd; Grant Blunt, 2nd; Brynlee Somers-Hyatt, 3rd; Petra Warner, 3rd; Kealani Buckenmyer, 4th; Lorelei Kolody, 4th; Alice Beeman, 5th and Trey Fonseca, 5th

Rebecca Creek Elementary

  • Kimi Long, art teacher; Wendy Moore, principal
  • Students: Ally Cano, kinder; Cora Long, kinder; Oakleigh Wright, kinder; Brisa Crum, 1st; Everly Smith, 1st; Levi Mayes, 2nd; Andrea Torres, 2nd; Gracyn Montgomery, 3rd; Ava Proctor, 4th; and Nolan Mayes, 5th

Startzville Elementary

  • Jennifer Eskew, art teacher; Casey Calland, principal
  • Students: Riley Kresta, kinder; Jalyn Edwards, 1st; Marlyn Leatherwood, 1st; Madelynn Lindfeldt, 2nd; Dazi Gomez, 3rd; Cullen Luciano, 3rd; Trinity Goldsmith, 4th; Bailey Phillips, 4th; Kira Darling, 5th; and Paisley Holiman-Smith, 5th

Mountain Valley Middle School

  • John Payne and Angel Reynaud, art teachers; Angela Looney, principal
  • Students: Isabella Gonzalez, 7th; Valeria Izquierdo, 7th; Jayden Jacks, 7th; Kasen Lanni, 7th; Tripp Fisher, 8th; Trinity Henry, 8th; Bella Huneau, 8th; Rylee Reinarz, 8th

Smithson Valley Middle School

  • Alana Pauley and Shannon Thomas, art teachers; Aryn Standeford, principal
  • Students: Harlow Engquist, 6th; Kennedy Kronk, 6th; Bryce Steiner, 6th; Julianna Tran, 6th; Keala Gebhardt, 7th; Charlotte Myron, 7th; Georgianna Richard, 7th; Jessica Deitering, 8th; Ellesia George, 8th; and Gianna Sheppard, 8th

Spring Branch Middle School

  • Joanne Doll and Carlos Perez art teachers; Sally Bratton, principal
  • Students: Lily Alvarez, 7th; Melania Crow, 7th; Myah Mires, 7th; Colten Tuggle, 7th; Evalynn Gutierrez, 8th; Dani Torres, 8th; Ella McCranie, 8th; Louis Perez, 8th; Halle de Jager, 8th; and Story McIntyre, 8th

Canyon Lake High School

  • Nell Anderson and Kara Stracener, art teachers; Mark Oberholtzer, principal
  • Students: Jaslene Cervantes, 9th; Nyssa Bare, 10th; Savannah Cargill, 10th; Laura Vinka, 10th; Kira Cumming, 11th; Diane Leija, 11th; Andrea Ramos, 11th; Emma Salinas, 11th; Maddox Kennedy, 12th; and Randie Selzer, 12th

Smithson Valley High School

  • Julie Ebarb, Lizette Floyd and Lauren George, art teachers; Stacia Snyder, principal
  • Students: Mia Hopke, 10th; Gabriela Barrera, 11th; Giuliana Bianchi, 11th; Laila Garner, 11th; Bridget George, 11th; Maria Karakasidis, 11th; Natalie Maille, 11th; Joshua Mazzotta, 11th; Ella Williams, 11th; Oliver Del Grande, 12th; and Skye Falkenberg, 12th




-Canyon Lake High School senior Randie Selzer shows off her artwork titled “Generations” at Comal ISD’s Fall Art Show. She is pictured with her mother who is featured in the piece.

-This portrait was created with sand by Andrea Ramos, an 11th-grade student at Canyon Lake High School. It was selected for Comal ISD’s Fall Art Show.

-Arlon Seay Elementary artists

-Bill Brown Elementary artists

-Johnson Ranch Elementary artists

-Mountain Valley Elementary artists

-Rahe Bulverde Elementary artists

-Rebecca Creek Elementary artists

-Startzville Elementary artists

-Mountain Valley Middle School artists

-Smithson Valley Middle School artists

-Spring Branch Middle School artists

-Canyon Lake High School artists

-Smithson Valley High School artists


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