Annual Night of Stars Banquet Honors Teachers, Staff

Feb. 9, 2022 - In October, the district hosted its annual Night of Stars awards banquet, recognizing campus teachers of the year along with special awards in various categories including Rookie Teacher of the Year, Educator of the Year and more.

Here’s a look back on the event in photos.

The honorees for these special awards for the 2020-2021 school year include the following: Rookie Teacher of the Year, Kendall Kush of Canyon High; Educator of the Year, Lisa Mokry of Kinder Ranch Elementary; Assistant Principal of the Year, Kellie Williams of Bill Brown Elementary; Support Staff of the Year, Jenny Cox of Hill Country College Preparatory High; 590 of the Year, Aracely Acuna of Timberwood Park Elementary; and Mentor of the Year, Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputy David Williams, Indian Springs Elementary.

Kush is in her second year of teaching English at CHS, and Principal Dustin Davisson says her passion for education is evident.

“She cares about the livelihood of all of her students and that caring extends outside the four walls of her classroom,” Davisson says. “She makes it a point to get to know her students and greet them all individually when they enter her room. Simply put, she is completely invested in her students and Canyon High School with all her heart.”

As a curriculum instruction coach, Mokry went above and beyond to support teachers last year while they taught students both in-person and remotely. She became an expert in various online platforms and applications, in order, to help them navigate the various technologies.

“She makes herself available to teachers and staff for almost any questions or problem,” says Kinder Ranch Elementary Principal Nicole Duvall. “She works tirelessly organizing trainings and making connections with district support resources.”

Williams, who was named the Assistant Principal of the Year, is constantly collaborating with those around her, says Bill Brown Elementary Principal Ashley Jackson. She is a constant presence in classrooms, knows the students and effectively communicates with parents.

Named the Support Staff of the Year, Cox, is the senior associate at Hill Country College Preparatory High.

“Everyone needs a Jenny Cox,” says HCCPHS Principal Julie Wiley. “She is the heart of our campus and truly keeps us all moving forward. It is because of her organization, creativity, professionalism and work ethic that we were able to be successful in our first year of operation. She is kind, patient and courteous to everyone.”

This year, an additional award was added to the program. Called “590 of the Year,” this award honors a staff member who has gone the extra mile for students and the community and is named for the district’s 589-square-miles.

The head custodian at Timberwood Park Elementary, Acuna, received this inaugural award for always going the “extra mile.”

“She is always full of smiles, kind words, a soft tone and shows her love with small gestures,” says TPES Principal Kim Lyssy O’Bryant. “Beyond her job, she asks daily what she can do to be of service. She is a role model to all.”

As a School Resource Officer Deputy Williams makes it a point to interact with students and to get to know them. He was named Mentor of the Year because of the positive impact he has made on so many.

“Every campus needs a Deputy Williams,” says Indian Springs ES Counselor Brandi Cox. “When he enters a room, kids’ faces light up, because they know he cares about them.”

Campus Teachers of the Year 2020-2021

  • Arlon Seay ES – Amy Coonts 
  • Bill Brown ES – Elizabeth Coronado 
  • Clear Spring ES – Courtney Davis - Elementary District Teacher of the Year 
  • Freiheit ES – Danielle Darden 
  • Garden Ridge ES – Jennifer Arreguin 
  • Goodwin Frazier ES – Rebecca Muth 
  • Hoffmann Lane ES – Shana Seibert 
  • Indian Springs ES – Lindsay Vieth 
  • Johnson Ranch ES – Lori Dimmitt 
  • Kinder Ranch ES – Jana Smith 
  • Morningside ES – Amanda Knight 
  • Mountain Valley ES – Laura Beaman 
  • Oak Creek ES – Jennifer Loeher 
  • Rahe Bulverde ES – Rebecca Johnson 
  • Rebecca Creek ES – Kelsey Buxkemper 
  • M.H. Specht ES – Melissa Freund 
  • Startzville ES – Carlos Castro 
  • Timberwood Park ES – Melissa Bartek
Middle School
  • Church Hill Middle – Katie Appleby-Miller 
  • Canyon Middle – Corey Michalek 
  • Danville Middle – Guy Ingersoll 
  • Mountain Valley Middle – Jessica Bush 
  • Pieper Ranch Middle – Katie Hannas 
  • Spring Branch Middle – Amanda Tatom 
  • Smithson Valley Middle – Danielle Stephens 
High School
  • Canyon High – Shalonda Davis - Secondary District TOY 
  • Canyon Lake High – Benjamin Matthews 
  • Comal Academy Discipline Center – Beth Lane 
  • Davenport High – Cody Poerner 
  • Hill Country College Preparatory High – Luz Antolinez 
  • Memorial Early College High – Arthur Thompson 
  • Smithson Valley High – Shanika Randle 

Campus Teachers of the Year 2019-2020

  • Arlon Seay – Kimberly Stanley 
  • Bill Brown – Kimberlee Prater 
  • Clear Spring – Silvia Martinez 
  • Freiheit – Jessica Coleman - Elementary District Teacher of the Year 
  • Garden Ridge – Michelle Loerwald 
  • Goodwin Frazier – Elizabeth Benoit 
  • Hoffmann Lane – Holly Sterling 
  • Indian Springs – Tammy Wambles 
  • Johnson Ranch – Michelle Wibracht 
  • Kinder Ranch – Kim Stanzione 
  • Morningside – Corissa Barrett 
  • Mountain Valley – Shari Spangrud 
  • Oak Creek – Susan Haynes 
  • Rahe Bulverde – Courtney Allison 
  • Rebecca Creek – Deanna Voltin 
  • M.H. Specht – Christi Hinkebein 
  • Startzville – Aaron Aniroodh 
  • Timberwood Park – Heather Van Cleave 
Middle School
  • Canyon Middle – Judith Adams 
  • Church Hill Middle – Liesel Raabe 
  • Comal Discipline Center – Katherine Newton 
  • Danville Middle – Melonie Steele 
  • Mountain Valley Middle – Kristen Adams 
  • Pieper Ranch Middle – Tiffany Covington 
  • Spring Branch Middle – Barbara Collins 
  • Smithson Valley Middle – Julie Mergele
High School
  • Canyon High – Wayne Migura 
  • Canyon Lake High – Amanda Custy-Schaas 
  • Memorial Early College High – Natalie Black 
  • Smithson Valley High – Canaan Dreibrodt - Secondary District Teacher of the Year




-Rookie Teacher of the Year, Kendall Kush

-Educator of the Year, Lisa Mokry

-Assistant Principal of the Year, Kellie Williams

-Support Staff of the Year, Jenny Cox

-Mentor of the Year, David Williams

-590 of the Year, Aracely Acuna


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