Johnson Ranch Elementary Wins Top Honors in Inaugural Academic UIL Meet

Updated July 21, 2021 - The Comal Independent School District hosted its first district elementary academic UIL meet this past school year with seven categories including chess puzzles, creative writing, spelling, storytelling and more. 

Second, third, fourth and fifth-grade students at three of the district’s 18 elementary campuses participated in this inaugural event. They competed for first, second and third place honors in various categories, earning points for their campuses which were combined for grand totals per campus.  

The district is excited to expand the elementary academic UIL program to each of its elementary campuses this coming school year. 

The 2020-2021 elementary district meet campus winners were Johnson Ranch Elementary (JRES) in first place, Rahe Bulverde Elementary (RBES) in second place and Specht Elementary (SES) in third place. Individual results by category are listed below. 

Chess Puzzles

  • Second Grade: Cason Cavazos, RBES, first place; Ethan Babcock, RBES, second place; Ethan Rakowitz, RBES, third place
  • Third Grade: Omar Houston, SES, first place, Jacob Hinojosa, RBES, tied for second place: Luke Smith, SES, tied for second place
  • Fourth Grade: Blake Bess, SES, first place; Andres Villarreal, SES, second place; Chase Sellers, RBES, third place
  • Fifth Grade: Elijah Remeika, RBES, first place 

Creative Writing

  • Second Grade: Allison Rider, RBES, first place; Hope Daniel, JRES, second place; Dylan Scott, JRES, third place
  • Third Grade: Kinsley Giuca, SES, first place, Lauren Worley, RBES, second place; Lucie Keller, SES, third place

Maps, Graphs & Charts

  • Fifth Grade: Emma Arriola, RBES, first place; Alex Murillo, SES, second place; Tripp Monroe, SES, third place 

Number Sense

  • Fourth Grade: Davin Dunn, RBES, first place; Rocco Priorello, RBES, second place; Ellie Velasquez, RBES, third place
  • Fifth Grade: Kherington Lietz, JRES, first place; Mason Landry, JRES, second place; Connor Hutchison, JRES, third place 

Ready Writing

  • Third Grade: Easton Culver, JRES, first place
  • Fourth Grade: Savannah Autry, SES, first place; Julianna Sandstrom, SES, second place; Emarie Rehak, SES, third place
  • Fifth Grade: Anna Larson, JRES, first place; Indiana Johnson, JRES, second place; Gloria Yaquian, JRES, third place


  • Third Grade: Cooper Leggett, RBES, first place; Hayden Davila, JRES, second place; Adilyn Choate, JRES, third place
  • Fourth Grade: Kai Karlicek, RBES, first place; Jessica Gordon, JRES, second place; Aaron Carpenter, SES, third place
  • Fifth Grade: Claire Bolton, JRES, first place; Landin Hanke, JRES, second place; Lyla Heggie, JRES, third place

Story Telling

  • Second Grade: Elliot Wendorf, SES, first place; Leo Granberry, JRES, second place; Hope Daniel, JRES, third place
  • Third Grade: Atlas Granberry, JRES, first place, Alyssa Penna, JRES, second place; Phoenix Johnson, JRES, third place






-Pictured from left are members of the Johnson Ranch Elementary fifth grade spelling team, Lyla Heggie, Claire Bolton and Landin Hanke with Coach Melanie Wilkes.

-Pictured from left are members of the Johnson Ranch Elementary Number Sense team, Coach Laurie Randall, Mason Landry, Dylan Culver, Kherington Lietz, Connor Hutchison, Grant Froboese and Coach Kim Slater.

-Pictured from left are members of the Johnson Ranch Elementary third and fourth grade spelling team, Cora Sosa, Adalyn Choate, Hadley Lietz, Garrett Bolton, Hayden Davila and Jessica Gordon.



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