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The Comal ISD Language department aims to encourage students to enrich their education with the rewarding ability of multilingualism. Whether your student is coming into Comal ISD with the goal of learning English, or they are wanting to take on a language other than English, the benefits of multilingualism are limitless. Our mission is to ensure every student has the opportunity to pursue any educational goal they set their mind to, and with Comal ISD’s highly certified language teachers, achieving the goal of learning a new language is within reach.

Language Programs

Benefits to Learning a New Language

  • Job Opportunities: Many companies see multilingual abilities as a benefit to hire a potential candidate. Whether for a corporation with international clients, or a local business with customers of various backgrounds, being multilingual is an advantage in the workplace that makes a candidate's skillset more valuable.
  • Brain Development: Research shows learning a new language can promote better memory and concentration, the ability to manage multiple tasks, and encourage creativity!
  • Confidence: Learning a new language can boost your confidence. Students gain confidence through the process of learning, which leads to greater language proficiency which translates to more confidence.
  • Academic Success: “In a meta-analysis of 20 studies examining language learning and its impact on academic performance, the majority of studies (90%) showed that language learners perform better across a range of academic subjects than students who don’t study a second language. Learning another language also boosts student literacy, which gives learners an advantage in core school subjects like mathematics and science.” (
  • Travel: Learning a new language exposes students to new cultures, which affects their perspective of the world. Visiting a country that speaks that language also makes travel more comfortable and convenient, creating culturally enriching experiences.
Carina Merkel
Executive Director, Multilingual Education