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High Schools of Choice

In a High School of Choice, students learn through project-based experiences that are focused on STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. This mode of learning allows students to grow and apply their content knowledge and 21st century skills, develop their socio-emotional abilities, and focus on college and career readiness. Our High Schools of Choice are:

What is the High School of Choice programming?

The programming at a High School of Choice is an honors-level program of study with dual-credit opportunities that is focused on preparing students for college-level coursework. It is a standards-based curriculum that holds all students to high expectations with engaging instruction that emphasizes learning through inquiry. Projects are designed with real-world connections that emphasize creative and critical thinking.

What is the culture of a High School of Choice like?

The foundation of the culture is a collaboratively agreed upon set of school norms that speak to the high expectations for learning, professionalism, collaboration, and attitude. It emphasizes a collaborative environment that embraces diversity and the construction of a peer culture that supports each other’s success. Family involvement that supports student success is also encouraged, and staff members are committed to motivate and inspire students.

Who typically attends a High School of Choice?

Students who choose to attend a High School of Choice do so for a variety of reasons:

  • A student wants access to college and an opportunity of a “Scholarship” Associate’s Degree.
  • A student wants the academic challenge of a Dual Credit, Project Based Learning, Pre AP/ AP curriculum and likes to be challenged in the classroom.
  • A student has the drive for post-graduate degrees and knows that they need the two years of college credit early because they are already on an advanced pathway.
  • A student likes learning through projects and a more hands-on format.