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Flier Distribution Guidelines

The Comal ISD Community E-Flier Distribution Program is a free advertising service offered to local non-profit organizations to share extracurricular opportunities available to students and families.  The E-Flier Distribution Program is an online platform which communicates approved fliers on a scheduled basis.
Parents have access and receive notification of your approved flier through the following communication tools:
  1. District website - under both the parents and students tabs;
  2. Campus websites - a link will be listed under the spotlight section; and
  3. Parent email - parents receive a link to the fliers in notification emails sent with each distribution period.
The electronic distribution service is NOT provided to profitable businesses. We do offer a maximum number of approved hard copy fliers delivered to campuses for providing school-related services to students in the district. Profitable businesses must also follow the same submission guidelines outlined below in order for fliers to be approved for campus delivery. Paid advertising is available through our monthly SchooLife publication. Please contact Kathy Smith at (210) 601-4836 or
Fliers are approved on a scheduled deadline throughout the academic year and are posted only on designated days. Click on the 2018-19  approval schedule for the deadline and distribution dates.
The Comal Independent School District agrees to distribute materials using online e-flier distribution to parents for non-profit and youth-oriented programs and organizations only. Participating organizations are required to show proof of non-profit status. The decision on what is considered school-related services is at the sole discretion of the district. Approved organizations and activities are not endorsed by the district.
Comal ISD reserves the right of final approval for the release of any flier and may deny permission for any reason consistent with federal or state law, district policy, procedures or practices.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Submit fliers for approval along with the completed Comal ISD Flier Distribution Form found below. The flier must include contact information for parents to reach someone with questions. Incomplete requests will not be reviewed for approval.
  2. Organizations claiming a non-profit status must submit proof of 501(3)(c) status with the request. Tax ID numbers do not qualify as proof on non-profit status.
  3. The Communications Department will only review and approve fliers following the approval schedule. If a flier is received after the due date, it will be dated for the next specificed valid period. 
  4. Fliers must be submitted via email in a PDF or JPG format.
  5. All fliers must include the following statement:  "Approval of distribution of these materials is not an endorsement of such services, activities, and/or products by Comal ISD."
  6. A confirmation email will be sent upon approval. If the flier has been denied, then rationale will be provided. Any amendments to the flier will require re-submission for final approval.
  7. Non-profit organizations and profitable businesses may deliver up to 25 approved fliers for distribution on campus bulletin boards designated by the principal. 
  8. There is no charge for this service.
Flier requests may be submitted with the form below or retrieved from Chelsea Ormond, E-Flier Associate, at If you have questions, please contact Chelsea Ormond at the e-mail listed or by phone at (830) 221-2114.