Comal Reads

Comal ISD is excited to bring the sixth year of Comal Reads, a family literacy program in which families throughout the district read one common book. The purpose of Comal Reads is to encourage a love of learning through reading and to cultivate a culture of literacy in our Comal ISD community.

Get your copy of Crenshaw today! 

This school year, families will read Katherine Applegate's Crenshaw. Students and families will begin Comal Reads on January 9-February 3, 2023. To participate, please get your copy of Crenshaw by January 9th. Families may purchase Crenshaw at or Barnes and Noble.

The ideas below are not meant for additional homework but an opportunity to gather families during the business of life to relax and enjoy reading together, then extend the read to memorable moments. 

Family Activities for 2023

Choose a place to meet as a family each time you read. Then, extend the experience with some of these ideas!
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The Wild Robot Family Activities
  1. Design an Imaginary Friend! Crenshaw, Jackson’s surfboard-toting, t-shirt wearing, umbrella carrying imaginary friend, is quite a sight! If you could dream up an imaginary friend, what would it be like? Enjoy drawing, naming, and describing the perfect imaginary friend for you. Share your creation and have fun!

  2. Just the Facts! It’s fun getting to know Jackson. He shares details about himself including what he likes, doesn’t like, his dreams, and his worries. Create a time capsule that reveals facts about you.

  3. What’s in a Name? Crenshaw is a name that Jackson makes up. Everyone in his family is named for someone, or something else. Talk about where the names in your family come from. Are any of the names connected or passed down? Share stories and make connections!

  4. Make a Game! Games are a great way to take your mind off things and have fun! Jackson and Robin play Cereal Ball, a game that they invented for themselves. Now it’s your turn! Create your own game. It can be anything from a board game to a card game to a dice game etc. You make the rules!

  5. Collect Keepsakes - Jackson and Robin choose special possessions to put in their “Keepsake Bags” before the family has a yard sale. Find three to five items that are important to you. Share them and explain why they are important to you.

Reading Schedule

1/9: Chapters 1-5 

1/10: Chapters 6-9

1/11: Chapters 10-14

1/12: Chapters 15-17 

1/17: Chapters 18-21

1/18: Chapters 22-24 

1/19: Chapters 25-27

1/23: Chapters 28-31

1/24: Chapters 32-34 

1/25: Chapters 35-37 

1/26: Chapters 38-41 

1/31: Chapters 42-45 

2/1: Chapters 46-49 

2/2: Chapters 50-52