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Comal Reads

Beginning September 6, Comal ISD campuses are embarking on an exciting family literacy project called Comal Reads.

During this three-week event, we are asking students and their families across the district to participate by reading “The Lemonade War” by Jacqueline Davies together.

The ideas below are not meant for additional homework but an opportunity to gather families during the business of life to relax and enjoy reading together, then extend the read to memorable moments. 


Activities for Families
  • Choose a place to meet as a family each time you read The activities for familiesLemonade War.
  • Prepare a pitcher of lemonade together. Here is a kid-friendly recipe.
  • Cost Benefits: Incorporate creating a chart or graph into a family generated story problem or calculate the cost of a family activity.  For example, what would the cost of an evening out to eat and to the movies cost. How could money be generated for this event?
  • Positive Comment Cards: Write positive comment cards for each other just like Megan did for Jessie.
  • Receipt Stories: Take a look at a discarded receipt and think of what story it tells about the person who made the purchases.
  • Grumpminster Fink: Tell your own Grumpminster Fink story or create a story for an imaginary character of your own creation. Use story cubes to help.  Here and here
  • Create lemon-scented play dough.  Here
  • Review vocabulary words from the book and challenge each other to find ways to incorporate it into conversations.  Here
  • Talk about the book’s big ideas! How does your family celebrate each other's strengths? How are conflicts resolved?  Start some great discussions with ideas from the book discussion guide (Here), or consider these weekly questions Here.
  • Lemonade Stand: Put Evan’s and Jessie’s business expertise to the test. Create your own lemonade stand or design a business plan of your own. 
  • Tweet out pictures and reflections on the book! #comalreads19
Reading Schedule
9/6: Ch. 1, pg 1-10
9/9: Ch. 2, pg 11-26
9/10: Ch. 3, pg 27-40
9/11: Ch. 4, pg 41-46
9/12: Ch.4, pg 47-58
9/13: Ch. 5, pg 59-66
9/16: Ch. 6, pg 67-76 
9/17: Ch. 6, pg 77-86
9/18: Ch. 7, pg 87-100
9/19: Ch. 8, pg 101-121 
9/20: Ch. 9, pg 122-127
9/23: Ch. 10, pg 128-142
9/24: Ch. 11, pg 143-151
9/25: Ch. 12, pg 152-154
9/26: Ch. 13, pg 155-159
9/27: Ch. 14, pg 160-177