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Comal Reads

Comal ISD is excited to bring the seventh year of Comal Reads, a family literacy program in which families throughout the district read one common book.  The purpose of Comal Reads is to encourage a love of learning through reading and to cultivate a culture of literacy in our Comal ISD community.

Get your copy of Flora & Ulysses today! 

This school year, families will read Kate DiCamillo’s Flora & Ulysses. Students and families will begin Comal Reads on January 8-February 2, 2024. To participate, please get your copy of Flora & Ulysses by January 9th. Families may purchase Flora & Ulysses at or Barnes and Noble.

The ideas below are not meant for additional homework, but to offer an opportunity to gather families during the business of life to relax and enjoy reading together, then extend the read to memorable moments.

Family Activities for 2024

Choose a place to meet as a family each time you read. Then, extend the experience with some of these ideas!
Don't forget to tweet out pictures and your reflections on the book! #comalreads

Flora & Ulysses Comal Reads Activities
  1. Talk About It! - It’s fun to talk about books!  Connect with the story and with each other by talking about the text using the conversation starters

  2. Learn about Squirrels - Ulysses is not your average squirrel, but reading about him might make you want to know more about these unique creatures. Click on the link for fun facts and activities about squirrels.

  3. Make your Own Comic - Create your own comic strip! Let the illustrations of K.G. Campbell inspire your own creativity.  Click on the link for a comic strip template.

  4. What Makes a Superhero? - What does it take to be a superhero like Ulysses?  Click on the link to design your own superhero.

Reading Schedule

1/8: Chapters 1-4

1/9: Chapters 5-8

1/10: Chapters 9-12

1/11: Chapters 13-16

1/12: Chapters 17-20

1/15: No School

1/16: Chapters 21-24

1/17: Chapters 25-28

1/18: Chapters 29-32

1/19: Chapters 33-36

1/22: Chapters 37-40

1/23: Chapters 41-44

1/24: Chapters 45-48

1/25: Chapters 49-52

1/26: Chapters 53-56

1/29: Chapters 57-60

1/30: Chapters 61-64

1/31: Chapters 65-68

2/1: Epilogue

2/2: Celebrate!