Student Physical

Traditionally, Comal ISD requires its student-athletes, cheer, dance, ROTC and 9-12 marching band participants to have a yearly physical. Due to time constraints and the awareness of financial struggles related to COVID-19, the UIL legislative council voted to allow returning athletes, cheer, dance, HS band and ROTC participants to use their physicals from the prior school year, if they have a clean medical record. This exception is for the 2020-2021 school year only. In future years a new annual physical will be required.

Physicals will be required for:

  • Students entering the 7th grade for athletics, dance or cheer
  • 9th grade students for band and ROTC
  • Students who did not receive a physical for school participation in 2019-2020 
In addition, any medical history that indicates a recent serious illness, injury or health concern on their electronic medical history will require a physical. School personnel will evaluate and process all medical history forms. If there are any questions or reasons to believe your student will need a physical, school personnel will contact you. As parents or guardians, you have the option to take your student for a physical if you choose.
Required Forms for Participation

Regardless of their need for a physical examination, students who plan on being involved in 7th-8th grade athletics, cheer, dance, and/or 9-12 marching band and ROTC will be required to complete the required paperwork in order to participate during the 2020-2021 school year. Comal ISD provides this paperwork through the Rank One website at Rank One also provides a Rank One parent app for your convenience (the app is white and is labeled R1 Parent/Public Rank One).

When using Rank One, you will need to log on and create an account if you are a first-time user. Once you are logged on, update your student’s information including all of the activities in which they wish to participate during the 2020-2021 school year. After you register your student for their activities, Rank One will direct you to the proper paperwork.
2020-2021 CISD Physical Form

If you elect to have a physical performed, the updated 2020-2021 CISD physical form is the only form that will be accepted. Download this form and hand it into your coach or activity director/sponsor when you return to school.

The Medical History part of the form has new questions specific to electrocardiograms (ECG). If you wish to have your student screened with an ECG, please acknowledge on the form. CISD will not accept financial responsibility for an ECG. If you check yes, your child will not be allowed to participate in any CISD practices, competitions, or events until the respective school’s sports medicine department, coach or sponsor receives a letter of clearance from the doctor that administered the ECG.  Forms that are denied will delay student’s participation.

Should you have any questions, contact your respective school’s athletic department, sports medicine department, HS band director, cheer or dance coach, or ROTC sponsor. You can also reach Liana Tyler, Director of Athletics at or Carla Schumann, Director of Fine Arts at