Status Page

All systems are currently stable.  If you are experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity issues with your specific district owned devices, please check your Wi-Fi settings to confirm you are connected to CISD-Wireless and not CISD-Guest.  CISD-Guest is for personal devices not owned by CISD (personal cell phone, etc).  Please contact the Technology Help Desk at extension 2027 with issues.

As part of our continuing work to enhance the security of our network, we will be implementing a mandatory network password reset later this month. This password reset in an integral step in ensuring that our network is secure.


In order to be prepared for this network password reset, start thinking about what you want to use for your new complex password. The attached documents are provided to assist you in this process. The first document will walk you through the password creation and reset for your district-owned devices. The second document will guide you in the process for changing the password on your personal devices (i.e.: your cell phone or personal iPad).


Below is the rollout schedule for the password reset. On the day of your reset, you will be prompted to change your password as you log on to your computer for the first time.


2/18/2020 Davenport High School Feeder Pattern (DHS, MES, GRES, DMS, Support Services)

2/19/2020 High School 5 Feeder Pattern (ISES, TPES, SES, KRES, PRMS)

2/20/2020 CHS Feeder Pattern (OCES, HLES, GFES, CSES, FES, CMS, CHMS, MECHS, CDC, CHS)

2/21/2020 CLHS Feeder Pattern (RCES, STZES, MVES, MVMS, CLHS)

2/24/2020 SVHS Feeder Pattern (ASES, BBES, JRES, RBES, SBMS, SVMS, SVHS)


If on the day of your password reset you need assistance, please contact the technology helpdesk at ext. 2027.

Due to the ever-evolving efforts to enhance the security of our network, personal, non-Comal ISD issued devices (cell phones, laptops, etc.) will no longer be able to connect to the CISD-Wireless network. This change will lessen the exposure our network receives from unprotected and personal devices.


In the coming days, if you are utilizing a personal device on any Comal ISD campus, you may use the CISD-Guest network to access wireless services. There is no login required to access Guest Wi-Fi.  The CISD-Guest network's access is now equal to CISD-Wireless with the exception of being able to access in district network resources such as printers, public drives, etc.