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2023-24 Health Insurance

Medical and Prescription Plans - Allegiance Benefit Plan Management (CIGNA Subsidiary)
Allegiance Benefit Plan Management, Inc. is the Third-Party Administrator for the Comal ISD Employee Health Plan. Although they are a wholly owned subsidiary of Cigna, Allegiance operates independently to bring industry-leading flexibility and personalization to members. This means that providers must contact Allegiance directly for eligibility, benefits verification, and claims status for Comal ISD members. Online Verification of Benefits is available at: Allegiance Customer Service is available from 7a-7p CST, Monday through Friday at (855) 999-6808 An Automated Voice Response system (IVR) is also available 24/7/365 for claims and benefit information. 
The Cigna Open Access Plus Network provides you with access to healthcare professionals nationwide to address your health concerns. The UBC plans offer a range of coverage options to best meet the needs of you and your family. This provides you with a great deal of flexibility and the option to save significantly on your health insurance premiums.
To search for a provider, go to ComalISD-Benefits | UBC-Benefits and click on the CIGNA or Baptist provider search link and search the excel spreadsheet. Click HERE for the code explanations.
Summary of Benefits and Coverage
Recuro doctors diagnose acute non-emergency medical conditions and prescribe medications when clinically appropriate. Speak to a Recuro doctor within minutes from anywhere - home - work- or while traveling.
Enrollment Link
All Comal ISD employees must complete the Open Enrollment process by creating a user account through the BenefitsHUB, which will be available from May 8th through June 9th.

Medical Reimbursement

Flexible Spending Accounts allow pre-tax payroll deductions for qualifying medical expenses with a maximum annual election of $3,050. Funds are available upfront but must be used by August 31 each benefit year. FSA accounts also allow pre-tax payroll deductions for Dependent Care with a maximum annual election of $5000. 

Health Savings Accounts allow pre-tax payroll deductions for qualifying medical expenses but are only available with the High Deductible/Health Savings Account Medical plan (HD/HSA).  The full amount is not available upfront but is deposited monthly. The maximum annual election is $3,850 for single and $7,750 for a family. The money rolls over from year to year and if you leave employment with Comal ISD you can keep the money in your account and continue to use. At age 65, money can be withdrawn for any reason. 
COBRA Participants