2021 Bond at Work/Secondary Schools » Canyon Middle

Canyon Middle

Main Campus Refresh
  • The front parking lot will be repaired and reconfigured to create additional visitor and staff parking spaces. Check MarkCOMPLETED
Heating and Cooling System Upgrades
  • The controllers for the school’s heating and cooling system will be replaced. 
Safety and Security Upgrades
  • Impact-resistant tinted window film will be installed in certain areas of the building to enhance security. 
  • New campus fencing will be installed around the perimeter of the school to improve security. Fencing also will be installed adjacent to the building to better control campus access.  Check MarkCOMPLETED
  • Digital security cameras and related equipment will be upgraded to enhance security. 

Student & Teacher Instructional Technology 

  • Teacher laptop updates will improve reliability, security and speed.  
  • Additional devices will increase laptop availability and speed for students. 
  • New digital devices will improve classroom projection, display and compatibility.  
  • Network improvements will enhance system security and reliability. 

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