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Bond at Work

Since 2015, Comal ISD voters have approved two school bond packages addressing many of the immediate needs stemming from the district’s growth.

Currently, the district is the second fastest-growing public-school district in the state of Texas with Comal County being the second fastest-growing county in the United States.

In May 2015, voters approved a $147.4 million bond package which included $94 million for the construction of two new middle schools and $21.3 million for technology.

In May 2017, voters approved a second bond package worth $263.5 million which includes the construction of two new high schools, additional school busses, maintenance to existing facilities, the design for future elementary schools and the design for a future school-of-choice high school.

As a result of the 2015 bond, Danville Middle School and Pieper Ranch Middle School opened their doors August 2018; laptop computers were purchased for elementary, middle and high school classrooms and computer labs; classroom projectors are being replaced over a four-year period ending in 2019; server and network infrastructure is being upgraded to meet the needs of mobile technology; maintenance issues such as roofing, plumbing, heating, cooling and structural repairs were made; and safety and security projects such as cameras, secured entries, fencing and electronic door hardware are being completed.

As a result of the 2017 bond, high school #4 which will be located on FM 3009 and Schoenthal Road in Garden Ridge broke ground in the spring of 2018 and plans to open in August 2020; the design for high school #5 which will be located on Borgfeld Road next to Pieper Ranch Middle School in San Antonio is being approved; HVAC upgrades are being made; and the designs for future elementary schools and school-of-choice schools are being considered.


Davenport High School (2017 Bond)

23255 FM 3009

San Antonio, TX 78266


High school 4 rendering 


Opening: August 2020

Architect: Huckabee

Contractor: Bartlett Cocke




High School #5 (2017 Bond)

1400 Kinder Parkway

San Antonio, Texas 78260 


high school #5 rendering


Opening: August 2021

Architect: Pfluger Architects

Contractor: Bartlett Cocke





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Comal ISD receives the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Program from the Government Finance Officers Association. 
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Low Spending Compared to fiscal peers

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