Church Hill Middle

Safety & Security
  • Fire control panels, which control the fire detection and notification systems, will be replaced with new equipment that includes additional safety features. 
  • Impact-resistant tinted window film will be installed in certain areas of the building to enhance security. 
  • Parking lot lights and wall-mounted light fixtures will be replaced with energy-efficient LED fixtures to enhance campus security. 
  • Digital security cameras and related equipment will be upgraded to enhance security. 

Heating and Cooling System Upgrades
  • Phase one of the school’s heating and cooling system replacement will be completed. 


Student & Teacher Instructional Technology 

  • Teacher laptop updates will improve reliability, security and speed.  
  • Additional devices will increase laptop availability and speed for students. 
  • New digital devices will improve classroom projection, display and compatibility.  
  • Network improvements will enhance system security and reliability. 

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