Indian Springs Elementary Student Earns Award of Excellence in National PTA Reflections Contest

June 15, 2022 - A second-grade student’s photography entry became the first National PTA Award of Excellence winner in Comal ISD history, and it was the only entry to receive this honor from Texas in the photography category this year.

The entry, titled “Big and Small Hands Can Change the World” was created by Peyton Crow, a student at Indian Springs Elementary. It features a group of dolls in various shapes and sizes with their arms around each other, facing a globe. The globe features a heart-shaped note that says, “Even though we are all different in our own unique ways – together we can change the world.”

In her artist’s statement, Crow explained her entry, writing, “Even though we are all different and unique in our own ways, we can change the world together. Big and small hands can both make an impact. I will change the world by helping create unity and bring people together.”

Crow’s entry exemplified this year’s PTA Reflections theme, “I Will Change the World by . . .” and became one of the more than 900 student entries received at the national level from 47 state PTAs. Of those submissions, 200 artists received awards at the national level with only three in each category receiving an Award of Excellence.

Along with the National title, Crow received a $200 young artist scholarship, a Reflections medallion, a certificate and letter signed by the National PTA president and recognition in the Reflections online gallery.

The PTA Reflections program is an annual arts program that encourages students to express themselves in six areas including dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts.

Crow’s entry began at the local level in the primary category for students in preschool through second grade and advanced to the Comal ISD Council of PTAs district-level competition followed by the state competition, and eventually to the National level.

At the state level, Crow’s entry was one of nearly 800 PTA Reflections entries, and only one of five from Texas receiving an “Overall Award of Excellence” to advance to the National contest.

Crow’s entry, however, was not the only Comal ISD entry to receive an award at the state level this year. In fact, 20 student entries received honors at the state level. They include the following honorees:

State Reflections Honorees - Primary grade division (Preschool-Grade 2)

  • Ella Bonner, Bill Brown Elementary, Award of Merit, Dance Choreography, “Dreaming Over the Rainbow”
  • Chloe Bunker, Johnson Ranch Elementary, Award of Excellence, Music Composition, “The Speed of Light”
  • Peyton Crow, Indian Springs Elementary, Overall Award of Excellence, Photography, “Big and Small Hands Can Change the World”
  • Camila Joers, Kinder Ranch Elementary, Honorable Mention, Film Production, “I Can Change the World . . .”
  • Laurence Cade Lyons, Timberwood Park Elementary, Award of Merit, Literature, “Bucket Filled”
  • William McLin, ISES, Honorable Mention, Visual Arts, “A Day in Nature”

State Reflections Honorees – Intermediate division (Grade 3-5)

  • Auria Arringdale, KRES, Honorable Mention, Music Composition, “Spreading Acts of Kindness”
  • Tucker Haby, TPES, Award of Merit, Literature “You Chose”
  • Dylan McGinty, TPES, Award of Merit, Visual Arts, “Save the Sea Turtles”
  • Hannah Roberts, Specht Elementary, Honorable Mention, Dance Choreography, “Dancing to Change the World”
  • Elizabeth Sear, TPES, Honorable Mention, Film Production, “The Bear Scare”
  • Dorothy McCall Werner, Arlon Seay Elementary, Award of Merit, Photography, “Turtle Rescue” 

State Reflections Honorees – Middle/Junior division (Grade 6-8)

  • Rote Brogdon, Pieper Ranch Middle, Honorable Mention, Film Production, “Random Acts of Kindness”
  • Brielle Jang, Smithson Valley Middle, Honorable Mention, Visual Arts, “What Holds Them Back”
  • Kenzie Juarez, Danville Middle, Participation, Music Composition, “Serving the World”
  • Noble Riley Lisenbee, DMS, Participation, Photography, “Setting Sun on Corn Maze”

State Reflections Honorees – High School division (Grade 9-12)

  • Destynee Dort, Smithson Valley High, Participation, Visual Arts, “Between”
  • Michael Golla, Memorial Early College High, Participation, Music Composition, “Exploring Dystopian Worlds”
  • Cecily Warnock, SVHS, Honorable Mention, Dance Choreography, “Washed Away”
  • Halle Wright, SVHS, Honorable Mention, Photography, “Equality”
  • Isabel Xavier, Pieper High, Participation, Literature, “Open Minded”




-Second-grade student, Peyton Crow, from Indian Springs Elementary made history as the first Comal ISD student to receive a National PTA Award of Excellence in the organization’s annual Reflections program.

-This is the photography entry which won a National PTA Award of Excellence for this year’s Reflections program. Second-grade student, Peyton Crow, from Indian Springs Elementary was the artist behind the photograph.

-A look at how Peyton Crow, a second-grade student from Indian Springs Elementary, set up her award-winning photograph for this year’s Reflections program.

-Peyton Crow, second-grade student at Indian Springs Elementary, is pictured with campus principal Mary Stults and assistant principal Jody Tyler-Rathke.



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