See the Future with CTE!

The old “vocational” education of years ago has evolved today into a modern curriculum that provides students with technical knowledge and real-world skills they need for a current or an emerging profession.

For example, if your son or daughter is interested in the medical field, they can follow the Health Science program of study and take classes like Medical Terminology and Pharmacology and labs such as Phlebotomy and Clinical Rotations. When they complete the program, they can be tested and certified as a medical assistant and go right to work in a clinic or head to college better prepared to become a nurse, a doctor, a pharmacist and more.

“The program gives me that extra step ahead of everyone else,” says Michelle Santos-Adames, a senior at Canyon High. “Others are trying to figure out what they want to do when they’re in college. I’ve already figured out what I want to do here in high school.”

February is CTE Month. Comal ISD celebrates the value of CTE and the achievements and accomplishments of more than a dozen CTE programs, including: Architecture & Construction; Law and Public Service; Education and Training, and Transportation, Distribution and Logistics. CTE programs are offered at middle schools as well as high schools.

For many, CTE may be the path they use to follow a dream. Emma Patrick, a Smithson Valley senior, loves art and fashion. She’s taken advantage of two CTE programs at her school -- the Arts, A/V, Technology and Communications program to build her graphic design skills, and the Business, Marketing and Finance program to develop marketing and business skills. She’s created unique designs for t-shirts sold in the school store where she works and learns how to run a business. Emma also can become certified in small business, which can be helpful on college and scholarship applications.

“When I get out into the workforce, I already have these things under my belt,” Emma says. “This may set me apart from other people still looking to get these certifications after they graduate from college.” 

What are your child’s academic strengths? What are they passionate about? Could they turn that passion into a career? There’s no need to wait for that decision. A CTE program can give them a head start on their future.




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