Enrolling from Non-Accredited Schools

Students Enrolling from Non-Accredited Schools, including Home School:
Grades 1-8: If your student enrolls from a non-accredited school or a home school, he or she will be given a reading and a math screening test in order to be placed in the appropriate grade level. The assessment can only be given to students once they have registered as a Comal ISD student. You will be asked what grade your student is registering for. If your student scores in the 40th percentile or above (based on national norms) for the grade level, he or she will be placed in the corresponding grade. If the student scores below the 40th percentile, he or she will be placed in one grade level below. 
If your student scores below the expected placement and you wish to challenge the placement, your student has the option of ordering and taking, at a cost of $30 each, a UT Credit by Exam in Reading and Math. The student must score at least a 70% on both assessments in order to be placed at the requested grade level. The campus can provide you with the appropriate forms to order UT Credit by Exams. Grades 9-12: Any student requesting high school credit, such as Alg. I, Spanish I or II, Geometry or any other credit-bearing course, must follow the guidelines for Credit by Exam with prior instruction.
Credit by Exam information can be found at this link: