bond at work COWS


The 2015 Bond is providing approximately $21.3 million to purchase new computers for classroom use, server and network infrastructure, as well as replace outdated projection systems used for classroom instruction.

The last major purchase of computer equipment for student use was made in 2008. As such, approximately 60 percent of the district’s computer fleet does not “meet standard.” To be considered fully functional, computer hardware used by students and teachers for classroom work must meet the following standards:

  • Power on
  • Have no missing keys or a cracked screen
  • Maintain battery power
  • Be able to run software and access the Internet effectively.

To ensure that the bonds used to pay for the computers do not outlast the useful life of the technology, the district will sell five-year bonds to match the lifecycle of the computer. The bonds will be paid off during the computer’s functional lifecycle. In addition, the district will use a three-year purchase plan to spread out computer purchases over time to help create a future refresh schedule.