The 2021 Bond provides $34.5 million for teacher and student instructional technology. A refresh of devices improves compatibility with new hardware and software and increases the number of devices available to a growing number of students and campuses. The new devices will offer faster login times and will improve device and network security. 

Funds will be used to purchase teacher and student laptops and computers as well as digital displays, document cameras and other devices used in today’s classrooms. Funds also are being used for network improvements to enhance system security and reliability.  

Only a certain number of devices are being acquired each year. Bond funds used to purchase devices is being staggered to continue with our life cycle replacement plan. 

Summer/Fall 2022

  • Campus Network Refresh
    • Replacement of all campus and central office network equipment (switches, routers, etc.)
    • Replace access points to upgrade WiFi
    • Redesign network to allow for future campus and device growth 
  • Replace student devices at middle and high school campuses (except Davenport, Pieper, and Hill Country College Prep).
  • Install new shared carts – for up to 30 devices -- in most classrooms and libraries. Some of the carts have already been delivered to OCCES, JRES, BBES, CMS, DMS, MVMS, SBMS, and MECHS.  
  • Replace all secondary campus security camera servers and software. (elementary already replaced)

Summer 2023

  • Student devices replaced at elementary school campuses
  • Teacher devices replaced at elementary and secondary campuses
  • Replacement of campus security cameras
  • Data Center redesign to improve speed and reliability of network systems.

Summer 2024

  • New document cameras and digital displays installed in classrooms, as needed.