Attendance Policies


students raising handsWhen absent, the student must bring a note, signed by the parent or doctor, within two days of returning to school. Absences excused by a parent note are not to exceed eight (8) days in a school year. If a student needs to be absent more than 8 days during a school year, he/she must present a medical excuse, signed by the doctor or be sent home by the school nurse. Please refer to the Student/Parent handbook (pg 13-17) for further explanation.

Leaving Early or
Arriving Late

If a student arrives late or needs to leave early for a medical appointment, they must sign in/out at the front office. If possible, the parent may send a note in the morning, with the student, stating that they need to leave at a specified time later that day for a medical appointment. When returning to school, please turn in the medical excuse provided by the doctor's office.

For more information on these and other policies, please refer to the Parent-Student Handbook.