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Remote Learning Tips

CPC HomeStudents enrolled in Remote Learning will have the same assignments and expectations as their fellow students who attend on-campus instruction. Remote learning students will be accountable for daily attendance, live online discussion, assignments, grading, and testing just like their peers on-campus. They will rely on technology and digital resources to connect to each of their classes and complete required assignments.
Students will use a secure log in, through ClassLink, to access remote learning programs this year. If you have problems logging in to ClassLink, call the Remote Learning Help Desk at 830-221-2694.
remote learnerCheck out these tips to be better prepared for remote learning:
  • Have a comfortable, dedicated workspace, like the kitchen table or a desk.
  • Limit distractions around you, such as a TV or gaming system, during class time.
  • Check your tech. Have computers plugged in and charged. Have a strong internet connection.
  • Create a daily routine in line with your class schedule.
    • Wake up at a set time. Get dressed. Eat breakfast. Log in before class begins. Eat lunch during your assigned time.
  • Connect to class. Know how to log in to ClassLink and your learning management system – Seesaw, Google Classroom or Echo.
    • If children are sharing a device, one child should log out of their account before the other logs in.
  • Communicate. Participate in live discussion during synchronous instruction.
  • Take breaks. Step away from the screen. Grab a healthy snack or drink. Make time for physical activity.
  • Keep tabs on assignments. Check each class every day for new assignments.and deadlines.
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