2022 Redistricting

Comal ISD is seeking input on the proposed redistricting of its seven single-member districts (SMDs). Redistricting is the process by which the boundaries of elective districts are periodically redrawn in response to changes in population.


The Texas Education Code requires a school board to re-divide single-member districts if census data indicates that the population of the most populous district exceeds the population of the least populous district by more than 10 percent.


  • Comal ISD added 61,981 persons from 2010 to 2020
  • Current district population is 161,145 persons
  • The population differential between the most and least populated SMDs exceeds 10% (47.6%)
  • The most populated SMD changed from SMD 4 in 2010 to SMD 1 in 2020
  • The least populated SMD changed from SMD 1 in 2010 to SMD 6 in 2020

Current Single Member Districts New Districts - Approved 2022
Redistricting Map Current Redistricting Map New
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Your Input

If you would like to provide input on the proposed new districts, please share them through our Redistricting Input Form.

The Board of Trustees held a public hearing on its proposed redistricting map on Dec. 14.

The Board is scheduled to take action on the proposed new districts at its meeting on Jan. 12.