Grades 9-12

Tasks for Grades 9-12
  • Complete a reading or writing activity for your grade level using this link from
  • Select a book from the recommendation list at this link and use the related discussion guide questions to spark a conversation with your family.
  • Read at least two books by the start of school. Choose one fiction and one nonfiction title from the list at this link and complete at least one of the suggested activities.
  • Master at least 20 new words on
  • Master at least 7 logic puzzles on Khan Academy.
  • Play Civic Bingo (card here)—get 5 in a row!
  • Listen to a podcast about history with your family and discuss the surprising wists and turns. Try Paul Harvey’s, The Rest of the Story, for a short history tale with an unforgettable punch—don’t forget to listen for the reveal at the end! Click on the link.
  • Texas Time Travel is your statewide resource for exploring Texas’ historic and cultural treasures. Use the “Plan Your Adventure” tools, travel themes, events calendar, travel guides, and mobile tours to find and learn about historic sites across the 10 heritage trail regions of the Texas Historical Commission’s Texas Heritage Trails Program. Use this link to start your adventure!
  • Listen to two or three episodes of Science Friday on topics that interest you. Then, have a conversation with your family about the cool things you learned.
  • Are you planning to visit a theme park this summer? How are Newton’s three laws of motion applied to the rides you will participate in? If you were to make a motion graph of one ride, how would you portray the graph?
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