Supplemental On-Campus COVID School Supplies

CPC Home LinkStudents who will be participating in On-Campus Instruction are asked to have the following supplies in addition to basic school supplies. These items will help to create a safe and healthy learning environment for students and staff
Note: Individual disinfecting wipes are not required -- these items may not be available or difficult to purchase at many stores.
Picture of School SuppliesAll Students: 
  • School supply box or supply bag for students to access their own school supplies in class and carry their own
    supplies to art. Community supplies will not be utilized this year.
  • Reusable water bottles labeled with your child’s name due to mouthpiece water fountains not being in use and to avoid cross-contamination. Each campus is equipped with water bottle re-fillers that students will have access to throughout the day.
  • One towel (elementary only) as we are planning on maximizing the use of outside spaces for learning and breaks. This will allow students to identify a physical space to create physical distancing. This may be used as a space to sit for outside learning or picnic lunch (weather permitting).
  • A small plastic baggie or box to store the face mask to avoid contamination of the mask.
  • Individual facial tissue packages to remain in the student’s backpack or desk for individual use.
  • Individual hand sanitizer to remain in student’s backpack or desk for individual use.
  • Backpack to fit binders, folders, supplies as cubbies and desks may not be available for storage purposes
  • Individual disinfecting wipes (optional) to remain in the student’s backpack or desk for individual use. We recommend purchasing travel size packages.
Face Coverings/Face Shields
Comal ISD has 321,864 disposable facemasks and 59,295 reusable face masks available for our students. Parents are able to purchase Personalized Washable (cloth) Face Coverings/Shield or Daily Disposable Masks that cover the nose and mouth.