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What's New in Comal ISD for 2019-20

With a new school year comes new things: new teachers, new courses, new notebooks and new procedures. To ensure you and your student are informed and ready for the first day, check out what’s new in Comal ISD for the 2019-20 school year. 

Below you will find a summary of what to expect, as well as links to our website for more information and frequently asked questions regarding each topic.

Student Identification (ID) - Secondary students, grades 6-12, will be issued a student ID much like previous school years. This new ID will act as a student’s access key to daily resources around campus including the library, cafeteria, and transportation. The student ID also helps with school safety by identifying whether or not a student belongs on campus. Since they are essential for many daily tasks, students will be required to wear them at all times. 
student id
Transportation Pass (T-Pass) - The T-Pass, issued to grades PK-5, allows students to easily scan on and off of the school bus, where previously students were accounted for manually by his or her driver. This increases safety and efficiency for all riders, and allows transportation staff and campus personnel the ability to know when and where a student got on or off the bus.
t pass
Bus Routes/Numbers - Starting this year, bus numbers and bus routes will now be unified. This means for example, if your child is on route 407, his or her bus number will also be 407. Make sure to verify your bus route on the Bus Route Locator prior to the first day of school.
bus route/number
Security Vestibules - All Comal ISD campuses have a security vestibule that prohibits campus visitors for accessing the campus without first going through the front office and following standard check-in procedures. Campus visitors will now need to wait in the security vestibule to be buzzed in by a staff member before entering the front office. This is an extra step to ensure the safety and security of all students and campus staff. 
Mentor Program - The Comal ISD Mentoring Program is a school-based mentoring program for Comal ISD students. Students are recommended by their campus with parent permission and mentors are matched with students based on schedule, availability, personality and interests. Mentors will meet with his or her student one day a week for 30 minutes during school hours.