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Secondary Parent Resources

Secondary Family Help Center
As you continue to navigate our Residence Learning Program, please visit the helpful resources below. You will find answers to frequently asked questions and a parent guide for Google Classroom. Be sure to check back often, as new resources will be added!
Visit The Meadows Center website HERE for videos to help parents and guardians use effective practices to help support students. Videos include topics such as student motivation, help with fractions, reading support, etc.

The College Board releases a Student AP Testing Guide every year before the exams begin.  If our AP students were on campus, they would receive a hard copy of this publication.  In the current state of online support, we want to provide you with options to access this publication.  It will be important for your student to read this document in its entirety so that they are well prepared for their AP exams, especially with the shift to online testing this year.  There are also a few courses that have additional test day documents that students should access.  All course-specific recommended printed materials are included in the links below. For detailed exam day information, please visit the College Board website HERE.



Students taking Art and Design: 2D 3D, or Drawing, Computer Science Principles, Research, and/or Seminar won't take online exams. Portfolio submissions are due May 26, 11:59 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

In the last legislative session, the Texas Legislature determined that all staff who would be reasonably expected to react in an emergency situation should be trained in traumatic bleeding control practices. In addition, this material must also be offered to all students in 7th grade or above each year.


Some students in middle school have already received this content in their physical education class earlier this year, but others were planned to receive it later in the year during various other classes and programs. Despite the current situation related to COVID-19, which prevents us from delivering this content in person to your child, we still wanted to offer these materials remotely to your child.


Click the link below to access a the Control the Bleed Training that includes a guide, video and hands-on practice instructions for our control the bleed content.


This material was designed to teach your child how to recognize and control life-threatening bleeding and represents the current best practice recommendations for how to manage life-threatening bleeding. Bleeding is the most common cause of preventable death after injury and can happen anywhere. Life-threatening bleeding can happen in people injured in serious accidents or emergencies. The more people we have on our campuses who are ready to respond in an emergency, the safer we are!