CDC Dress Code

Dress Code: CDC dress code requirements are designed to support discipline, order, and safety. In addition to prohibitions in the CISD dress code, the following more restrictive dress code applies to CDC students in school.
This dress code is strictly enforced.
1. Pants are to be worn at the navel.
4 pocket BLUE jeans or khakis are allowed.- NO HOLES ARE ALLOWED
Oversized/baggy pants, or pants with holes/tears, hammer loops, oversized pockets, extra pockets, bell-bottoms, capris, shorts (including shorts under jeans/khakis), joggers and logos are not allowed
2. A plain white or gray shirt with a standard fold down collar. Shirt tails are to be tucked tightly into the pants at all times. Shirts may be short or long sleeves, button down or pull over. No more than one pocket.  Students are allowed to wear a solid white undershirt underneath their collared shirt.  
3. Students must present a neat, clean, well-groomed appearance. Hair must not cover the eyes.
4. Bras must be white or skin tone.
5. A plain brown or black belt. No decorative belt buckles.  Belts must be cinched at all times.
6. Tennis shoes must be worn and laced and tied at all times. Vans with laces are acceptable.
7. Students will check in jackets, sweaters, etc. upon arrival to the building. Students may not use jackets during the day in the building.
8. A plain white, gray or black sweatshirt (no zipper, pockets or hood) may be worn over the collared shirt. Students must always have on their collared shirts. 
9. Jewelry is not allowed, including decorative hair fasteners, spacers, posts, piercings, or belt buckles.  (Exception: simple functional wristwatches not to include smartwatches (APPLE watch, etc).
10. Hats, skull caps, hoods, beanies or any other type of head coverings are not permitted in the building.
11. Wallets and purses are not allowed on campus for any reason.  Female students may bring feminine items in a labeled makeup bag to be left in the nurse’s office.
12. No nail polish or fake fingernails. (ex: French manicure)
13. Tattoos must be covered while in attendance at CDC.  It is the parent/student’s responsibility to cover the tattoos daily BEFORE entering the building.  Students may bring a cover to CDC that is left daily so it is available for them during their stay. 
14. Students are subject to random safety searches during their placement. 
Parents and guardians may be called to substitute appropriate clothing or remove their child from school if their child is in violation of the dress code. Note: The Principal, on a case-by-case basis, will approve Dress Code exceptions for physical problems.