How do I update my district MacBook to Big Sur?

To update to Big Sur, please go to Self Service. Click here to see the Big Sur instructional guide.

How do I install Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) on my district computer?
The district encourages the use of the web versions of Microsoft via your Office 365 account. However, should that not meet your needs, MS Office can be found in Self Service (Mac) or Portal Manager (PC). Click here for the instructional guide.


How do I reset a student password?

You can reset a student Network/Google/ClassLink password by clicking here.

Login to the JiJi password reset suite with your employee login, then you will enter in the full student ID number. You must click OK on the pop up and then change the password. You can change it back to the standard # password if you wish. Wait 10-15 minutes to allow it to sync, before having the student use it. Should you need further assistance, please call the Student Support Call Center at 830.221.2694. They are open 8AM-2PM.