Q&A: Alyce Peters, Arts, Audio Video Technology and Communications

February is Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month. Comal ISD celebrates the value of CTE and the achievements and accomplishments of more than a dozen CTE programs currently being offered at middle schools as well as high schools.

Meet one of our CTE teachers, Alyce Peters, who teaches Arts, Audio Video Technology and Communications (AAVTC) at Davenport High School.

What makes Arts, Audio Video Technology and Communications a valuable field for students to consider for their future?  

With everything migrating to computers only, AAVTC is a great way for students to use their creativity with technology. More and more technology jobs are opening every day. The AAVTC courses give students a leg up on these markets for when they graduate!

Why are CTE courses a great option for students?  

CTE courses give students the opportunity to learn AND experience what the career fields are like. They get firsthand knowledge on the skills they will need to be successful. 

What’s the best lesson or skill you teach in your classes?  

The Adobe Creative Console is what the professionals use in the AAVTC field and in my classes. Students learn how to use multiple applications under Adobe, to make them well rounded for many fields.

How do you make connections with your students? 

We love projects in my classes! I like to find out what the students are involved in and gear our projects towards that. So far, we have designed t-shirts, logos and flyers for multiple clubs on campus!

In your opinion, what is the best part of teaching?   

My favorite part of teaching are those "ah-ha" moments from students -- when you see that spark when they really get concepts and are able to dig deeper into learning and enjoy doing it.