Q&A: Erin Loper, Graphic Design

February is Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month. Comal ISD celebrates the value of CTE and the achievements and accomplishments of more than a dozen CTE programs currently being offered at middle schools as well as high schools.


Q&A: Erin Loper, Graphic Design


What makes Graphic Design (part of the Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communication program) a valuable field for students to consider for their future?  

The graphic design field is important because it’s used in every aspect of our culture as a communication tool. Students who study graphic design become expert empaths and communicators. 

Why are CTE courses a great option for students?  


In the CTE courses at MECHS (Memorial Early College High School), students learn how to interact professionally with clients and practice real-world, problem-solving skills. 


What’s the best lesson or skill you teach in your classes? 


I incorporate college-level, academic research activities into every project. In-depth research activities help students understand the history and evolution of design, copyright and fair use laws, and much more. 


How do you make connections with your students? 


I make connections with students by encouraging originality, authenticity, and creativity. I also try to demonstrate these qualities in myself and in my lessons.