2020-2021 SACC Registration Q&A

Q: Why did the cost of SACC increase this school year? 

A:  Our program is a self-funded program and our expenses are supported entirely by registration and tuition fees. The increase in registration fee and tuition is due to expenses of additional cleaning supplies, PPE, and individual supplies and materials for students. Our rates are competitive with other after school program offered in the area.  


Q: Are SACC scholarships available? 

A: There will be a limited number of scholarships at Title 1 schools available this year. There is no guarantee that once a child gets a scholarship that they will be offered one each year. We encourage you to contact the Communities In Schools social worker on your campus to apply. 


Q: If we choose online learning for the 1st nine-week grading period, do we have to enroll and pay to save our spot in your program? 

A: Yes, because we have a limited number of spots in our program at each campus you will have to register and pay to hold a spot in our program. We cannot guarantee there will be a spot available after the first nine-week grading period at your campus.  


Q: If I choose online learning and I enroll in SACC, can my child attend SACC after school? 

A:  Yes, if you choose to be in our program and enroll, your child can attend SACC starting at 3:10 pm even if you choose remote learning for the 1st nine weeks. 


Q: Do I qualify for priority registration? 

A: If you were enrolled in 2019-2020 SACC, you qualify for priority registration. If you were not enrolled during the 2019-2020 school year, public registration will open on August 10th at 7 am. 


Q: If I have an incoming kindergartener and I already have a child in the program, can they enroll too? 

A: Yes, just add the incoming kindergartner as a child to your account during registration on the child details page. Look for the “Add Child” button below your other child. 


Q:  I’ve enrolled for SACC at my campus but have been waitlisted, when will I get into the program? 

A: When space becomes available at your campus, you will be contacted.   


Q: Does SACC offer a Comal ISD employee discount? 

A: Yes, the discount will not be in effect until employment is verified. Please make sure to identify Comal ISD and the school you work for as your employer on your SACC registration application. The parent is responsible for paying the full tuition until approved. The discount is not retroactive so if you don't see the discount on your account, please email the registrar to ask for the discount to be applied to your account.