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Emergency Preparedness

As a proactive step to safety, Comal ISD engages in various activities that allow us to be prepared for and to mitigate the impact of any and all emergencies that our campuses may face. This includes weather related emergencies, as well as those that are man-made or technical in nature.


Below is a list of these activities in which the district proactively engages:


  • The district, in accordance with Chapter 37 of the education code, maintains a multi-hazard emergency operations plan that outlines procedures for the mitigation/prevention of, preparation for, response to and recovery from all possible emergencies the district may experience. This plan is reviewed, practiced and updated regularly.


  • The district regularly coordinates with local and state agencies that may support the district in the event of an emergency. This includes both first responders and other emergency management officials.


  • The district utilizes the Standard Response Protocol and the Standard Reunification Method as response strategies to protect students and staff during an emergency, and ensure that if needed, families are reunified following an event.


  • A critical piece of being prepared as a district is to practice and discuss our emergency plans through training, drilling and exercising. District and campus staff are trained appropriately in all emergency plans and response strategies, and all CISD campuses and facilities conduct emergency drills regularly. The district also engages in other exercise to test plans with local first responders and emergency partners.  


  • In accordance with Chapter 37 of the education code, the district regularly conducts safety assessments of all of its campuses and facilities with the goal of continuously identifying areas for improvement and refinement.  
Collectively, these activities allow the district to be prepared for a host of different emergency situations that our campuses and facilities may face.