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Food Service Openings

Chartwells Child Nutrition Employment Openings

Chartwells is committed to creating a work environment that is challenging and provides opportunities to develop, learn, and succeed. We want people who are passionate about delivering superior food and service to join us!

Please Note: Job postings are for employment with Chartwells Food Service Company. The current rate of pay is $10.50 an hour for Food Service Specialists,  Elementary Manager $13.25, MS Manager $15.00, and High School Manager $17.00.

Food Specialist – Part Time Smithson Valley High School

Food Specialist – Pieper Ranch Floater

Food Specialist – Danville Middle School

Food Specialist – Canyon High School Floater

Food Specialist – Pieper Ranch Middle School

Food Specialist – Danville Middle School

Food Specialist – Spring Branch Middle School

Assistant Manager – Pieper Ranch Middle School

Part-Time Floater Food Specialist – Smithson Valley High School



The Child Nutrition program is an equal opportunity provider.