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Food Service Openings

Chartwells Child Nutrition Employment Openings

Chartwells is committed to creating a work environment that is challenging and provides opportunities to develop, learn, and succeed. We want people who are passionate about delivering superior food and service to join us!

Please Note: Job postings are for employment with Chartwells Food Service Company. The current rate of pay is $10.50 an hour for Food Service Specialists,  Elementary Manager $13.25, MS Manager $15.00, and High School Manager $17.00.

Assistant Manager at Smithson Valley High
Food Service Specialist at Indian Springs Elementary Specialist
Food Service Specialist at Smithson Valley High
Assistant Manager at Spring Branch Middle School
Food Specialist at Pieper Ranch Middle School
Food Specialist – Smithson Valley High School
Food Specialist – Full-Time Floater at Pieper Ranch Middle School
Food Specialist @ Canyon Lake High School
Food Specialist @ Goodwin Frazier Elementary School
Manager at Smithson Valley High School


The Child Nutrition program is an equal opportunity provider.