Employee Grievance

The Texas Constitution (Article I, Sec. 27) and Texas Government Code (§617.005) require government entities to provide employees with an opportunity to have their complaints and concerns heard by those in positions of authority. In school districts, administrators and school boards are the persons with authority to hear those grievances.

Grievance Defined

A grievance is a complaint (express of dissatisfaction) concerning an employee's wages, hours of employment, or conditions of work (Tex. Gov't Code §617.005). This definition has been construed broadly by the Attorney General to include the following: Evaluations, Salary disputes, Grading policies, Sick leave, and any other matter which is appropriate for communications from employees to their employer concerning an aspect of the relationship.

Procedures are specified in the Comal ISD Board policies and must allow employees to present a grievance to someone in authority. State law guarantees complaining employee the right to be represented at any level of the grievance by a representative, including an attorney, who does not claim the right to strike. Board policies specify a three-part process designed to resolve complaints quickly at the lowest possible level. The following are levels outline in local policy:
  • Level One — Conference with immediate supervisor or campus principal
  • Level Two — Opportunity to appeal to the superintendent or designee
  • Level Three — Opportunity to appeal to the board of trustee

Board Policies and Forms

For information concerning Board policies, and for access to the online Board Policies Manual, go to the Comal ISD Board Policies page. To view the following Board policies and forms, go to the online Board Policies Manual and enter the corresponding policy code.
  • Employee Complaints/Grievances (policy codes: DGBA (LEGAL), DGBA (LOCAL), and DGBA (Exhibits))
  • Student and Parent Complaints/Grievances (policy cods: FNG (LEGAL, FNG (LOCAL), and FNG (Exhibits))
  • Public complaints (policy codes: GF(policy codes: GF (LEGAL) AND GF (LOCAL)))
Please contact the Director for Legal Services at (830) 221-2086 for more information regarding grievances and complaints.