What is #Plan4MyFuture?

The state legislature passed House Bill 5 in 2013, significantly changing the state’s curriculum and graduation requirements, along with district assessment and accountability systems. The changes began to be implemented in the 2014-2015 school year. #plan4myfuture replaces the Minimum High School Program, Recommended High School Program and Distinguished Achievement Program with the Foundation High School Program. This change affects incoming ninth-grade students.


This change was implemented to simplify the high school process with one 22-credit program, with the goal of preparing students to successfully enter the workforce or postsecondary education. More flexibility is offered in order to allow students to pursue their interests in high school.

The Foundation High School Program

The 22-credit Foundation High School Program requires each student to earn four credits in English, three in mathematics, three in social studies, one in physical education, one in fine arts, two in languages other than English and five in electives.

The Foundation High School Program with Endorsement

The 26-credit Foundation High School Program with Endorsement requires each student, on entering ninth grade, to choose one of five endorsements to pursue. Students are permitted to graduate without an endorsement but are highly encouraged to choose one. Graduating without an endorsement could negatively impact admissions into college. Students may identify and earn more than one endorsement if desired.

Endorsement Categories