Remote Learning Checklist for Parents

CPC Home Remote students will engage in daily instruction through remote learning. This Remote Learning Checklist will help you prepare your at-home learning environment.
At Home Learning Environment
  • Quiet workspace with a flat surface
  • School supplies within reach
  • Clear organization system with a routine posted for easy reference
Resources for Remote Learning
  • Textbooks/workbooks provided by your campus
  • School supplies (list provided by teacher the first week of school)
  • Appropriate technology
    • Device (computer or tablet with keyboard) with microphone, camera and speakers
    • Wi Fi (Google recommends 3 mbps upload and download speeds per student)
    • *Information about the Technology Checkout Program will be available on the Comal Parent Center)
Technology Ready for Learning
Student is logged into their district-provided learning management system
  • Seesaw – Elementary students
  • Google Classroom – Secondary students
  • ECHO – Secondary students (MECHS, DHS, DMS, PRMS and HCCPHS)
  • Google Meet – All students
Attendance will be taken daily and students are expected to engage in course work daily.
*If you have more than one student in your household, it is recommended that each student have access to a device, if possible. If not, lessons will be recorded and available at a later time.