Campus Visitors/Volunteers Guidelines

Front Office Protocols 

In order to provide excellent customer service and allow for parents to be able to enter the building when needed, front offices will be open within the parameters of CISD Visitor Management Processes. 


Front office staff will also:

  • Require verification that every visitor has completed the health screener (Beginning Oct 1)
  • Follow normal check in procedures through the Comal ISD Visitor Management Process
Parent Conferences

Parents can participate in school visits if their participation is needed in person, or if a virtual meeting is not conducive to the topic being discussed. In the case of an in-person meeting:

  • Parents must follow routine visitor management check-in procedures
  • All visitors are required to complete the health screener before entering (Beginning Oct 1)
  • Are encouraged to utilize hand sanitizer upon entry


Campus Volunteers

Volunteers (PTA, Hallway Heroes, etc.) are welcome to return to campus provided that they follow all visitor protocols for checking into campus. Each campus will establish a maximum number of volunteers that can be in the building based on work that needs to be done and the ability to maintain distance in work areas. Volunteers will work in designated areas (i.e. teacher workroom, lounge, etc.) completing tasks that are essential to school operations.


Volunteer Process

Campus establishes process for identifying needs for volunteers

Campus establishes process for volunteers to sign up for jobs

Volunteers must follow all Comal ISD Visitor Management procedures

Volunteers are encouraged to: 

  • Wash or sanitize hands upon entering the building
  • Remain in the assigned work area
  • Disinfect their work area when jobs are complete using District provided cleaning materials

Volunteers will be required to complete the health screener before entering (Beginning Oct 1)



Campus Events


Morning Events: When hosting a morning event, campuses may designate a specific entrance for visitors to check in that does not interfere with normal drop off procedures. Campuses may utilize pre-registration or RSVP to pre-print visitor name badges to help speed up the check in process.

Daytime Events: Campuses may utilize a designated entrance close to the event location to relive traffic in the front office. Pre-printed visitor badges may be utilized. As a reminder, the designated entrance should be constantly monitored, and visitors directed to report to the appropriate area of campus upon entry.

After-Hours Events: Campuses may utilize multiple entrances to allow for visitors to enter more quickly. Campuses may stagger arrival times by grade level, last name, area of building, etc. to reduce the number of visitors in common areas.


Visitors / Volunteers who are experiencing any COVID-related symptoms will not be admitted to campus.


Beginning October 1, additional visitor and volunteer protocols may be temporarily implemented based on current campus caseloads. Each campus will communicate any additional protocols required to their visitors and volunteers.