Positive Case Reporting

Positive Case Reporting

TEA Health Operations Guidelines require the district to continue to report any positive cases for which we are notified to both the local health department and the Texas Department of State Health Services. 

Staff members should report their positive test results to their supervisor. Supervisors will complete the positive case report on their behalf. Leave-eligible employee can request a maximum of 5 days (40 hours) of additional paid leave from July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022 by completing a Employee COVID-19 Sick Leave form and providing a medical provider's note with dates of missed work. 

Students / Parents can report positive student test results to the campus nurse. Nurses will be responsible for completing a Positive Case Report and gathering additional information related to doctor recommendations, sibling quarantine requirements, etc. Students who participate in UIL athletics or marching band are required by UIL to receive clearance from their medical provider before they can return to play.

Close Contact / Exposures: Please see guidance below on Attendance and Coding related to parents who opt to keep their students home due to being identified as a close contact / exposure to a positive case.

Attendance Information Related to COVID-19 Absences

District Attendance Codes
N - Nurse Excused
A - Excused Absence
Q - District Excused
Coding explanation: “N” and “Q” do not count against the 90% attendance rule or exam exemptions. “A” coding that exceed the allowable “8 days of parent notes” per year can be appealed to the campus attendance committee as needed.
Nurse Removals: When the nurse sends home a student with symptoms it will be coded as an “N”-Nurse Excused for the days missed (up to 4 days). After four days a medical provider note is required for “Q” – District Excused. If the parent does not provide a medical provider note the absences will be an “A” – Excused Absence.
Positive Test Result from Medical Provider: When the parent provides documentation from medical provider to the campus attendance office the student will be coded “Q”-District Excused.
Household Exposures: If parents opt to keep their student(s) home, when they are determined to be a close contact to a household exposure, they will need to contact the campus office of each student for their absences to be excused. These absences are coded “A”-Excused Absence until a note from medical provider is provided. These absences would then change to “Q” – District Excused.
Home Test: When parents report a positive result without a note from a medical provider the absence will be coded as “A” – Excused Absence. Should a medical provider follow up with a positive test these are changed to “Q”- District Excused.
Please follow campus procedures for how and who to turn in absence and medical provider notes. These notes can be written, emailed or faxed.