Campus Events

In an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 within and to the community, campus events should address the following guidelines:
Before the Event:
  • Close off areas that are not needed to minimize cleaning needs
  • Establish a PPE station for participant use
  • Ensure participants are aware of health and safety protocols to be followed
  • Ensure hand sanitizer stations are available and stocked
  • Ensure restroom facility soap dispensers are full
Arrival and Departure:
  • Designate entrance and exit to minimize congestion
  • Encourage all persons attending to complete the digital health screener
  • Encourage all persons to use hand sanitizer upon entry
  • Consider using staggered arrival times, if the program allows
During / After the Event:
  • Clean/Sanitize frequently touched surfaces often (tables, railing, counters, door knobs, light switches, etc.)
  • Ensure all areas utilized are properly cleaned and sanitized after the event
In addition to the above protocols, Comal ISD will utilize current campus caseloads to determine if a campus based event should be postponed or cancelled.