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What is Comal Compass?
Comal ISD has partnered with Naviance to create Comal Compass, a variety of tools for student achievement through academic planning. These tools are located online for students, grades 6-10, and families to access online resources, communicate with school staff and collaborate on college and career readiness activities.
What can students do in Comal Compass?
Students can research colleges, scholarships, careers, enrichment programs and courses in one location. They can also create individual plans that can be linked to college and career readiness. Students can communicate easily with teachers and counselors.
For college and career readiness, students can request transcripts and recommendations for college applications as well as complete career assessments and perform college and career searches. Students can also create goals and track associated tasks and activities. 
Comal Compass offers access to several planning tools that connect goals with future outcomes. Comal Compass takes an age and grade approach to goal setting and planning, so that students can personalize their action plans. 
As a parent or guardian, what role do I play in helping my student succeed?
  • You can encourage goal setting as a recipe for success
  • You can monitor activities to identify early intervention opportunities
  • You can coach and guide to make informed decisions